Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dad's quilt

Almost forgot this one that I made for my dad at Christmas time (2010).  Fishing was his passion, so I used all flannel fabrics with fishing/outdoors theme.  The pattern is pretty simple.

Cat's Cool Cats

At our guild's show last fall, I bought a really neat batik panel.  When I saw it, I immediately thought of my friend Linda, because she likes cats and she likes "quirky" things.  So, I turned it into a wall hanging for her.  I found some 2 inch African batik squares on Ebay (got one of the packages for a penny!) and used them to create the pieced border to look like a wrought iron window.  The outer border color was suggested by a clerk at a LQS -- I wouldn't ever have considered it, but I think it looks great.  Quilting is the focal point of this project -- all kinds/colors of threads on the picture.  My favorite is the metallic thread on the palm tree.  Then the outer border is a Leah Day design with wavy lined triangular areas.

(My friend really liked it... yea!)

Jungle Neighborhood quilt for Lucas

Another set of Ebay fabrics turned into a Jungle Neighborhood quilt for grandson Lucas.  The idea is to follow the path and visit all the jungle friends at their homes.  I quilted the path with a brick road pattern, then came up with a leaf motif for the jungle parts.  It's twin-bed sized (with plenty of overhang for sides and bottom.)  I used flannel for the backing.

Projects from jungle animal fabric

I certainly haven't been keeping my blog up to date -- I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted anything!  But, I have been busy. 

 Found this fabric on Ebay, and thought it would be good to use for one of the grandkids:

 But, it looks like the grandkids may never see it!  I used it to make myself a "bow tuck" bag, which I love -- it is just the right size for me:

Still had fabric left, and had been wanting to try a "One Block Wonder" quilt.  This was a challenge; not so much the creation of the blocks, but the fact that they are hexagonal, and the design they morphed into wasn't symmetrical.  I filled in with some solid colors to create a landscape, and then spent a lot of time figuring out how to put a border on it.  Again, not symmetrical, which was a real drain on my left-brained self!  Quilting was fun -- I used my walking foot to do six-leafed curves on each hexagon, did some leafy FMQ in the purple and green areas, tried one of Leah Day's designs in the sky, and stippled/meandered in the border.  That was my first attempt at stippling, and I was pleased with the result.  I found a suggestion somewhere to imagine a grid on your fabric, and try to enter each square only once.  Well, this border fabric had a grid built-in, with the giraffe-skin pattern, so I tried to enter each darker spot once, and no more than twice.  Worked great!